Sydney tours: Local art, quirky bars and you’ll meet the locals with this group

Former PM Tony Abbott "marries himself"
Former PM Tony Abbott “marries himself”

Three hours, a free drink and an amazingly insightful experience. Local Sauce Tours ( is a hidden gem.

We spent a happy afternoon on Local Sauce Tours small bars and street art tour of Chippendale and Marrickville, and it was truly a journey of discovery.

Let’s start with the street art. Our tour guide Justin, a former corporate lawyer who also owns the business, hates comparisons. But who knew Sydney had its on Banksy?

Scottie Marshall has murals throughout Sydney, some of it sponsored by building owners and some of it… well, let’s just say it’s unofficial.

But its raw, angry, political, and connects with the local community. Tony Abbott and the gay marriage debate is a target, and so are Sydney’s famous “bin chickens”.

Marshall is not alone.  There are many street artists fighting for recognition. You’ll find them on the sides of buildings, down dark alleys and inside bars. There’s a whole alternative gallery out there – and Justin is happy to be its curator.

Justin of Local Sauce tours
Justin of Local Sauce Tours

Our tour is a mix of art and bars. Like the Sneaky Possum in Abercrombie Street, Chippendale. Great food, good cocktails and amazing street art all over the bar. Trust us – the spicy margarita is truly spicy! There’s a pool table out back and plenty of tables for food.

On the walls outside, there is a stunning painting of two indigenous ladies on the back wall. It’s hard to take in that these glorious works are temporary and can expire with the lease!

Eveleigh, Redfern – and what used to be The Block – were a famous aboriginal area of Sydney.  Now the area is a curiokus mix of gentrified terraces and government property, swish new student towers and small businesses.

The area is covered in art paying homage to its First Nation roots.

We visit The Noble Hobs, a bar where Saturday speed dating is in full swing. The beer is good and the atmosphere, well, pretty intense. Speed dating on a Saturday is popular – who knows what the night may bring?  Everywhere, there are couples enjoying a drink and that first get-to-know-you chat.

On another street, we find works by British artist Will Coles. They are embedded in buildings and spotting them is part of the fun.

Our final bar is The Bearded Tit (it’s a bird!) It’s a local for the LGBTQ community, and it’s quirky and fun. There are drinks mats on which you can suggest assignations and cocktails that will definitely oil the wheels of a new relationship.

We loved the tour – even as locals, we learned a lot about our city, its culture, art and hospitality.

The tours have a maximum of 12 and cost for $60.  It’s great value and you will get a guide with real local knowledge.

Here’s what you get:

Small bars and street art

Visit some of Sydney’s best small bars while discovering amazing street art with an expert. Perfect for solo travellers, couples, friends, non-drinkers, locals, visitors – anyone who wants a fun & unique afternoon/evening out.

Come with us as we explore some of Sydney’s best small bars with a fun group. Over 3 hours, your expert host will take you to 3 different bars including ones that only locals know about. As we explore, you’ll learn about street art & see murals by some of Australia’s most famous and talented artists.

On Wednesday nights, we explore some of Sydney’s best bars around Newtown and Enmore Road (recently voted as one of the coolest streets in the world).

On Saturday afternoons, we hit up Redfern and Chippendale, home to a wide range of small bars and heaps of impressive street art.

After the tour, we’ll provide you with a map link to all the bars and places visited throughout the night, plus some extra spots to check out.

What’s included

  • 3 hour guided activity
  • Reservations at 3 small or hidden bars
  • 1 alcoholic drink (beer or wine only)
  • Group photos
  • Map with recommendations
Sneaky Possum margaritas
Sneaky Possum margaritas

Tour details

Perfect for: Solo travellers, couples and friends. You’ll be in a fun and friendly group consisting of locals and travellers.

Group size: Up to 12 people (no minimum numbers). For private tours we can take more – contact us for details.

Age range: This tour is great for everyone over 18. Most participants are in their 20s, 30s and 40s but we love our more “mature” guests – they party harder!

Start location: Wednesday night: “I Have A Dream” mural, Newtown; Saturday afternoon: Old Clare Hotel, Kensington St, Chippendale.

End location: Wednesday night: near Newtown station; Saturday afternoon: near Redfern station.


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